A personalized home, created through an innovative process, done at a remarkable pace.


“… working with JP & Co., the design, decisions and all details were buttoned up before the project began.  Obviously any surprises during the project were dealt with and changes could be made, but there were hardly any.”



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phase i

We come out and meet with you at your home to talk about your project.  From that meeting we create a personalized space plan that gives you the vision of what your home can become.   We then formulate a courtesy estimate that is in a relevant range with the main components you desire.   We can assist in alternatives for complete financing to make this happen!

phase ii

When you are comfortable with the courtesy estimate and space plans we move into the planning phase.  This can be done in 4 -  8 weeks depending on your desires.  We make this process simple by having you work with one highly qualified designer through every step of your renovation.


phase iii

Construction begins and you will move in to your “new old house” in 2-3 months!  We assist in moving you out, and the inconvenience to your life is minimized and is of short duration.  The project is highly and effectively managed to maintain a fast pace.


JP&CO is a Residential Construction Firm specializing in urban rebuilds and whole house renovations. 

We strive to do what is best for your entire home both inside and out, leaving you with a home of exceptional intrinsic value, as well as a personalized look and feel which is just right for you and your family.  We are unique in terms of our production processes and in actually “doing the work,” and also in terms of achieving effective overall results.  We emphasis PACE, QUALITY, VALUE, and fully integrate the elements of architecture, interior design, and landscape in everything we do.


A note from Samantha

Our goal is to create smart functional spaces where families live differently.  We listen to you and create kitchens that work, great rooms that are inviting and maximize your square footage without “super sizing”.   

We are very sensitive to the “Total Experience” of this event in your life.  We make the process simple and manageable so you can feel 100% confident in all aspects.  The home you live in should have a tremendous positive impact on your daily life, and create a happier lifestyle.  We see a real transformation with every family we work with!  

- Samantha, Lead Designer, Assoc. AIA, Allied ASID


A note from Pete

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit us.  We want you to experience the “JP difference” felt in these homes that were completed through our personalized planning process

We take a great deal of care and attention in your space plans and designs.  This part of the personalized experience is very positive for our clients and they LOVE it.  We then work our “magic” to complete your remodeling project, and have you moved back into your home in 3 months or less.  Finally, our cost is guaranteed and reasonable.  

We will help you from start to finish...Design it, Finance it, Build it, DONE!  Together, we can make many good things happen.  You deserve something good for Yourself and Your Family! 

- Pete, Owner

“What we have now is everything we wanted in a home. It has the feeling that we “built” our house and we got to stay in the community we love. We owe it all to our JP & Co. experience.”

F A Q’s

Who is JP and who is the CO?
JP&CO started in 2000. The firm CEO is JPeter Paulson who is experienced in construction management and methods. Design work is done by Samantha Grose who is both Associate AIA and Allied ASID affiliated. The rest of the “CO” is made of up a large team of dedicated independent subcontractors who see the excellence in the way JP&CO works, and want to be a part of something different.

Who does the design?
Samantha is the primary designer. She takes a unique approach to every home making it a goal to always create smart functional spaces where families live differently.

Where do you do most of your work?
There are a sampling of JP&CO homes throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis. We also have happy homeowners in the first and second ring suburbs that love where they live and choose to set up their home for the next 30 years and choose us to do their work.

How long does the planning take?
Every client is different. We can personalize the pace of planning to ensure it does not overwhelm you but also keeps you enthusiastic and excited to finally have your new home finished.

How do you do the work so fast? And is the quality still there?
We work very hard on pace. Once we break ground we finish your home in 3 months. We keep to a very tight schedule and with the comprehensive plan in place implementation is seamless.  Something happens EVERYDAY. We have engineered the whole process to make sure we speed up whenever possible and slow down when necessary to ensure a high level of quality from building infrastructure to cosmetic finishes.

Where do I live during the project?
We have many resources around the Twin Cities that our clients have used. All different types of rentals can be used based on your needs. Most clients find temporary housing for 3 months blocks from their homes. We help the relocation process be simple and easy.

How do I afford something like this?
We work very hard to establish excellent relationships with many different financial institutions. We talk more about this in our initial meetings with you. We want you to be comfortable and confident that you can move forward and make everything we plan with you a reality.

still have questions? email samantha at samantha@jpandcompany.net

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